Hello everyone! I hope your Christmas was good. Mine was great. There was hardly any snow, but we did see some here in North Carolina. it’s colder now, though, than it ever was in December.

A writing update for those interested:

  • Finished #2 in a series of 5 western stories about Marshal Horne
  • Shopping stories #1 and #2 of the Marshal Horne stories for publication
  • Shopping completed detective novel Bad Dames Die Dirty for publication
  • Outlining a new western novel about a gambler who gets caught up in a hunt for a buried treasure (guns, girls, and gold, what more could you ask for?)
  • One of my stories, “Edge of the Abyss,” will be released by Crimson Streets in late January

I’ve been doing a lot of business related stuff lately, especially on the updated website. I’m also doing a lot of shopping for my work. The new year helps get you motivated. I am very excited about the new western novel I’m planning because it’s got a great, action-packed storyline.

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