Planning Stages


Hello, all! I’ve been working hard planning my next novel. Currently, I have a developed plot outline, my characters fleshed out, and some pivotal scenes in my head.

I’m working mostly on trying to figure out some intricacies about the plot and character. Unlike my previous book, which I wrote more on the seat of my pants, I want to do some more planning for this particular book.

I’ve had some great luck using Writer’s Digest’s “Novel in 30 Days Worksheet Index.” The sheets, which you can see in the picture attached to this post, are great for planning out your story, characters, and key scenes. They use great formatting and are easy to fill in.

It can be helpful to have something other than a blank page staring at you when planning out your novel. Instead of trying to figure out where to start, you simply answer questions about your story. It’s like having a very interested reader asking you about your book. I love it!

To access the Writer’s Digest index, visit

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