Story #1 of 5 FINISHED!

Hello all.

If you’ve been following my more recent posts you’ll know that I started on a new story collection detailing the exploits of fictional Marshal Gideon Horne of the (also fictional) town of Talon’s Crossing.

Well, story #1 of 5 has been completed in the past few days. The story was so interesting and exciting that I couldn’t just leave it half done. I love when stories excite me as a writer because it means it’s engaging.

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a 12,000+ word story and finding that you, even as the author, aren’t enjoying it anymore. It signals the death of a story. Sometimes you return to it later, sometimes you don’t.

Please continue to follow me here, and on Facebook and Twitter, to keep up with the new collection. As I said before, I hope to have the new collection complete by September and sent off to the publisher.

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