New Book in the Works


Over the past few days, I’ve finished up quite a few anthology commitments to publishers and school is finishing up for the year. With a seemingly open slate in front of me for the summer, I’ve begun work on a new book of short stories.

At it’s core, this collection will be a pulp western, much in the vein of Louis L’Amour, Zane Grey, and Lester Dent. While I don’t dare compare my writing to theirs, the story is very similar.

It will follow Marshal Gideon Horne in the fictional town of Talon’s Crossing in an undefined time period (late 1800s). Each story will follow Horne in a “Walt Longmire-esque” mystery or adventure.

Currently, I have working ideas for ten total stories, but this type of character has endless possibilities. Earlier this morning, I worked out my plan to write the first collection of five stories and I hope to have this to my publisher by the start of September.

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